As an abstract artist,

my goal is to create artwork that not only brings beauty and joy to people around the world, but also inspire them to come back to the childlike imagination - unrestricted to judgment, failure and reality.

I want everyone to enjoy this feeling again.

New Prints

Bright Colorful Artwork for your walls. Ready to frame sizes.

I believe abstract art gives a starting point of a feeling but it’s up to the viewer to fill in the blank with a memory or intention.

Katherine Simdon

  • Kristine Hinkley

    "I purchased a painting from Katherine a few years ago and couldn’t be happier. Katherine creates art that evokes emotion and makes you wonder what she was feeling when she made each piece. The piece I bought reminds me of a loved one and those memories make me smile. I highly recommend Katherine’s art for any home. I can promise that you will love it forever."

  • Melanie Alme

    "I have multiple pieces from Katherine. They are so versatile - they adapt to any room they're placed in. Bright and airy, cheery and joyful, they are perfect additions to any home's aesthetic. Whether placed in a bedroom, kitchen, or living spaces, her artwork is eye-catching and vibrant, and sure to garner compliments!"

  • Rhenna Widerski

    "I have several of Katherine’s paintings displayed in my home. Her paintings have become a focal point of my home, bringing joy and light to our daily lives."

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